Public spaces should be in the future the protection of wild Pokémon and “savage” hunters

Pokemon GO – in public places in the future conservation of wild Pokémon and “savage” Hunter werdenPokémon Go is a phenomenon, a fascinating, just hate each other. Generally, since the player is not considered to lose any time, any place in the Pokémon hunting – of course, not only in the city center. Many other public places, such as cemeteries, memorials and private land or church repeatedly sought to hunt wild Pokemon here.

But it is not innocent and developers Niantic this condition. Say hello level or -Stops arena in these areas are very often built understanding visiting players. However, this will soon be closed. Because, as a spokesman for Niantic now at the Los Angeles Times reporter, he said that future updates should clearly contribute to mobile MMO Pokemon go to public space is more protected and respected. Exactly how to proceed, however, is unclear.

It would be conceivable, of course, to be completely removed from the game cemetery monuments or historical value. Only recently, finally, the discussion on Pokémon hunting within the Auschwitz memorial has erupted. This is the Memorial Hall Niantic be required to remove the game site.

PlanetSide 2 launch PS4

PlanetSide 2 game from dawn in PlayStation4 launched June 23, 2015, and promised the final version of Xbox. Since its launch, the European servers for the game has gone through a long period of downtime and hiccups may be due to the player spike. PlanetSide 2 can play do not have a PlayStation Plus subscription too – PS4 and anyone with an Internet connection can download and play immediately.

Free trend, playing computer games console launch continued. Triumph distance Neverwinter game is the first free Xbox a play MMORPG, and has seen more than two million registered users since the debut of the console version. Smite also accept a version of the game with Xbox. We would like to see in the future a variety of free to play games more console version.

Grand Chase medium enters Beta version in Korea

Earlier this year, after seven years of service and more 2D side-scrolling MMORPG Grand Chase closed. Wacky animation game frustrated fans now what to expect in a mobile phone version of a new game named M Grand Chase Grand Chase was originally called the All-Star, when it was first published in 2013 in the form, but has been completely again by the KOG Games and DaVinci game -developed. This updated version of the plan to enter closed beta in Korea began in July 2 I definitely missed the memo, but apparently Mobile Games Beta things.

Unlike its predecessor, is a PC, Grand Chase M will not be a real brawler, and change the portfolio strategy and RPG elements. According to some brief moments of the game, appeared in the trailer, the card will be involved in some fashion. The strange thing is, the game is in the Google Play store has been listed in the United States, all of Andr oid device and version, although it does not.

Watch the trailer below, or check out the game in the Google Play Store.

Grand Chase M will Actoz games, China’s studio grand game, a subsidiary publishing house, is just one of the many mobile game company, its global launch plans. They also behind Dragon Valley 2: Legend, Dragon Valley: maze, Long Valley: origin, Dungeon forward: Code M

EVE huge space war is to get a memorial: “titanomachy”

EVE Online will erect a memorial 21 hours, go all across the Monday and Tuesday, to commemorate the 75 Titans, the loss of space in the aerospace MMO largest ship battle. The total damage done could be transformed into more than $ 300,000 of real money, but it is the definition of loss B-R5RB Battle of the Titans.

To put it in perspective, the previous record for the most Titans lost in a battle is 12, this has happened twice. “Single-winning side has lost more Titans, seen in any fight,” wrote the CCP in the battle and its aftermath, the official recall. “Losing side has lost more than anyone previously Titan’s imagination.”

Why Titans such a big problem, in addition to being, well, big? They “take, take months to produce thousands of hours of flight training, and able to cope with a massive doomsday comes with a volley of small arms obliterated.” Titan’s failure is a major event in EVE battle, a significant setback was the loss of an alliance. In this case, Clusterfuck Union and the Russian Federation’s allies lost 16 won. N3 alliances and Pandemic Legion lost 59.

Therefore, plan “titanomachy.” Work has also begun on the memorial in the game through the latest update introduces Titan wreckage model CPC designers. Titanomachy “will be placed around the seventh planet of the solar system in the B-R5RB is” off-grid “from the station, and thereafter, any player who plays EVE can make a dangerous pilgrimage there, marvel at the range of damage.”

Size and financial losses to the attention generated by the fighting almost obscures the critical details of any campaign: in the end who wins. In this case, CFC and the Russian Union prevailed decisively, large-scale investment recovery period is a stinging defeat N3 and gave them a little more popular weeks ago.

The battle lasted for so long no longer maintained by the daily server downtime, but then in the popular and N3 retreat limping out of the system.

In short, these two alliances involving 7,548 different characters participated in the fighting. One large banner battle fifty five different players in the league. Let us not forget the huge capital losses of other vessels, such as 13 Supercarriers and 370 Dreadnaughts. Titan doomsday laser was fired carry 775 times. CPC said, accounting for 24% of all dismissed doomsday game over the past two years.

The final bill: 11 trillion ISK (EVE’s currency) in damage and losses. According to some transition points, it lost the value of the ship between the $ 300,000, $ 330,000 yuan.

“South conflict, since BR lost power struggle is far greater than the loss of ISK assets, writes:” Alice Randolph, Pandemic Legion fleet commander. “Because try as you might, you can not buy swagger.”

Miracle hero, “the latest play is a mass murderer character. Yeah!

Watching the children, this is the biggest Eisenhardt, one of the wonders of the universe’s most beloved villains. He may be directly responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people, but I feel very bad that he let us give him a second third fourth and fifth chances. Oh, a miracle.

This week launched massively multiplayer miracle gazillion entertainment Diablo a new playable character, Magneto is really hurt my head, if I want one of his many characters. Over the years the comics and filmmakers are doing their damnedest to make him a sympathetic character, with his experience as a young Jewish boy who lost his parents during World War II concentration camp to prove his evil deeds.

2014 by the readers best MMO game, Marvel Heroes 2015 is a free-to-play MMO action RPG where …Ah, you found them!” Reshad clapped his gnarled hands. He had sent Percy out to check on one of his caches of scrolls.
But come. Magazine has done a lot more than rob banks. He put the whole nation to their knees, bloody one-sided civil war incited mutation and the human body between the Genosha’s. He killed many innocent people displayaying his strength over the years, resulting in various incarnations of evil mutant brothers – Evil Mutants – and at one point fired earth and EMP explosion so powerful on Earth All electronic devices turned off. Imagine. Aircraft crashing, hospital darker. This is a great hands and body.

Miracle hero, “the latest play is a mass murderer character. Yeah!

Oh, wait, he is now wearing white. He was all right.The crafty scholar had hidden many throughout the forests over the years.

By the Marvel comic book villain-turned-hero mechanic used I have been bugging the hell out of me. Forgiveness of this size is their greatest novel, beyond eye explosion or converted into bio-organic metals.

Percy flung the satchel beside Reshad,I’m going to pretend that DC’s Suicide Squad got to keep my magnetic bomb placed on his head. It is this the only way for my work.


Neverwinter has decided to dip its toes in the neighboring pool of subscriptions, as Cryptic announced that it’s now offering a VIP membership to players who want to pay on a monthly basis.

VIP packs can be purchased through the game store and used for 30 days of premium membership. What’s interesting here is that players will accrue “VIP points” the more packs they use, rising to ever-greater tiers of membership that offer more benefits. Think of it as traditional subscription perks merged with a loyalty program. VIP points never go away even if the player allows the sub to lapse.

Some of the perks for the VIP program include a free daily enchanted key, access to the exclusive Moonstone Mask zone, teleporation signposts, injury immunity, free auction house posting, and boosts to XP and astral diamond acquisition.


The MapleStory evolution planet will probably be your principal

The Maple Story evolution planet will probably be your principal source of encounter right up until degree 140, make sure you make heavy use of it. Monster park is obtainable a great deal earlier, but only in the later levels is it more effective than soloing other locations.

The Monster Park shuttle is obtainable in each town, and it takes you to a lobby map. Here you are able to acquire entry tickets, or forge your scraps into total tickets. The monsters have higher HP, although not as much as LHC monsters, nevertheless they give superb expertise.

Temple of Time. At level 140, the Temple of Time opens up. You entry it from Leafre by speaking towards the guy who turns you into a dragon and you should have MapleStory mesos. The Temple of Time has a plot line with excellent quests and fantastic expertise, and also getting some easy to destroy bosses. Like LHC, you would like to try and do quests to get deeper within. Dimensional Invasion can be a celebration quest you’ll be able to execute solo by using cheap Maple Story mesos, when you’ve got potent mob attacks. It has a number of phases.


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Greed’s Domain. The Vault. The Goblin Treasure Realm. Whatever you call it, this area – added to Diablo 3 in patch 2.1 – is much sought-after by players in need of gold. One trip to the Vault can easily net you tens of millions – if not hundreds of millions – of those shiny, shiny coins that you desperately need to craft gems and enchant your gear. While running low on gold eventually becomes a non-issue, here are some tips to the Vault for those still getting started in their demon-hunting adventures.

How to find The Vault

First off, The Vault has a random chance of spawning when you kill a goblin outside of a Rift. Inside Rifts, there is no chance at getting The Vault to spawn. Otherwise, in Adventure Mode, there is roughly a 1 in 50 chance that killing a goblin will result in the golden portal to The Vault opening.

While you can find goblins as you go about running bounties, letting The Vault remain a random and exciting bonus, you can optimize your chances of finding it by specifically hunting for goblins.

There are a number of areas that spawn goblins fairly consistently, and some players include all of these areas in their goblin hunting runs: Tower of the Damned, Tower of the Cursed, Northern Highlands, the Cave of the Moon Clan in the Southern Highlands, the Caverns of Aranea (to hunt Arsect the Venomous), and the Core of Arreat.

When split farming in a group of four players, it is advantageous to have every player scout a different area, but when I farm by myself, I focus only on the Core of Arreat. Why? It’s a small area, it has a predictable and easy-to-navigate path, and it spawns goblins fairly regularly (roughly one fifth of the time, as a conservative estimate). Change your build and items to optimize your mobility, run through the area, and only stop to kill goblins or once you reach the steps leading down to the next area. Once you’ve either killed a goblin or reached the stairs, town portal back to town, leave the game, and try again.

Once you reach the end of the Core of Arreat, if there are monsters attacking you, it may be quicker to simply let them kill you, revive in town, and leave game to remake. Or, you can equip the Barter Town Pads shoulder slot items to town portal out while monsters are attacking you.

How to Maximize your Gold Find

Once a Vault portal has spawned, you want to take your time to swap to your gold find gear in order to get the most out of your trip. Reset the fourth tab of your paragon points and dump everything into gold find: you can get 50% right there. Beyond that, equip gear that has gold find as a secondary stat. Every item slot – apart from most weapons – can roll with up to 35% gold find. Amulets can roll up to 80%. Here are some additional items that will further boost your gold find:

Sun Keeper (one-handed mace): Increases damage against elites by 15-30%. +26-60% Extra Gold from Monsters. Weapons can’t normally roll gold find, and the extra damage versus elites will help with the fight versus Greed, the boss of the treasure realm.

Devil Tongue (one-handed sword): 26-80% Extra Gold from Monsters. This sword can roll even higher gold find than Sun Keeper; if you can dual-wield these two weapons, do so for maximum gold find.

Kymbo’s Gold (amulet): Picking up gold heals you for an amount equal to the gold that was picked up. +75-100% Extra Gold from Monsters. This amulet rolls higher gold find than any other, and the heal effect is powerful, considering you will have roughly 500,000 hit points and will be picking up millions of gold.

Goldskin (Chest armor): Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them. 100% Extra Gold From Monsters. The chance for enemies to drop gold is actually quite low, but the 100% guaranteed gold find buff makes this the single greatest gold find item in the game.

Blackthorne’s Set (Amulet, pants, belt, boots, & chest pieces available): 3-piece set bonus: 25% extra gold from monsters. If you can somehow squeeze in three pieces of Blackthorne’s set into your gold find gear – such as by using two pieces and a Ring of Royal Grandeur – then you can add another 25% gold find.

Legacy of Nightmares (2 rings): 2-piece set bonus: 15% extra gold from monsters. It’s a small gold find bonus, but if you can fit in these two pieces without much sacrifice, then go for it.

If you are completely maxed out on gear and paragon points, you’ll have over 750% gold find – and that’s before factoring in bonuses from difficulty level, which are listed below.

Hard: 75% extra gold
Expert: 100% extra gold
Master: 200% extra gold
Torment 1: 300% extra gold
Torment 2: 400% extra gold
Torment 3: 550% extra gold
Torment 4: 800% extra gold
Torment 5: 1150% extra gold
Torment 6: 1600% extra gold
These difficulty bonuses serve as multipliers on your total gold find, following this formula:

Difficulty-modified gold find = (gold find value) x (difficulty percentage/100) + (gold find value)

For instance, if you have a base of 500% gold find, at Torment 6, you would actually have a whopping 8500% gold find. In other words, with maxed out gold find, you’ll have over 12,000% gold find.


Part of the skills changes about the Aion Fighter

1. The broken sword

Advantages: long distance, down; Faults: a single goal, read the article.

CD time less than 30 seconds, most likely within 15 seconds, reference “burst of slam” as brand, burst of slam attack has a group of CD and 30 seconds effect, and broken sword just burst the pounding of monomer, CD if you have more than 30 seconds, burst are not installed.

2. The crushing tornado,

Advantages: moving! A wide range. Launch 3 consecutive; Weakness: literally cannot see. CD time may be more than 1 minute, damage may be low, the reference for the similar skills “wave”. Dried up. Fighter skills on rapid blood pressure, although the damage is not high, but in can launch continuously and can be a vampire, “crush tornado” may become a Fighter next miracle, the practical value is also 3 is among the highest in the brand.

3. The banner of the battlefield

Advantages: slows the movement place, PVP damage; Faults: a fixed position, the applicable scope is small.

Monomer effect should be duration time and CD should be similar to nurse breath, slows the movement of the may as “seismic wave”, PVP damage reduced value should be at about 15%, refer to “combat ready” PC addition, this is a small amount of also should be ok. If is group work, the skills of war, the effect will be very good, the effect may not stack, if can overlay, also should have upper limit of superposition, group the effect is very low possibility.